Value Your Trade with Berger Chevy

Save 15 minutes of being at the dealership by finding what your car is worth online.

Value Your Trade

If you are thinking about buying or leasing your next vehicle, then the cost is sure to be an enormous factor. Thankfully, there is one easy step you can take to radically reduce the price: trading in your current carTrading in a used car is simple, and we at Berger Chevy help customers do it all the time. The money earned from the trade-in can go right to your down payment, so you will immediately see the financial benefits.

Almost any car is going to be worth something, and if you have taken good care of your car over the years, it is likely to be worth quite a bit. Once you bring it in, an expert at Berger Chevy will give it a look and let you know how much it would be worth, before you commit to the trade. 

Any questions? For more information or to trade in your car right here at Berger Chevrolet in exchange for a serious upgrade - call us at (877) 459-9592 or visit us on 28th St and Breton Rd.