The warm summer months bring with them trips to the lake, extensive hikes, and overall, opportunities for adventure. With the right accessories for your car, you can bring your favorite gear with you anywhere, making sure that you are ready to go on any journey with no more than a moment's notice.

Berger Chevrolet owns and manages one of the largest GM parts and accessories warehouses in the Midwest, making it convenient for Berger customers to get Chevy parts and accessories fast and easy. Our warehouse, GM Parts Now, holds over 80,000 General Motors parts and accessories, which allows your parts and accessories to be delivered quickly. 

Concerning your bicycle, sports gear, kayaks, and more, here are some of the most popular car accessories for summer:

Hitch-Mounted Bike Carriers

If your car has a hitch, all you need is a hitch-mounted bike carrier to safely and easily secure your bicycle. The carriers even tilt away from the vehicle so that you can strategically still reach the cargo area, without having to remove the carrier each time.

Roof-Mounted Kayak Rack

Or, if water transport is more your style, you may want a roof-mounted kayak rack to efficiently mount your kayak - or any small boat of size, really, including canoes and paddleboards - clearing tons of cargo space for more gear. 

Rooftop Luggage Baskets

For families on the move or those who simply cannot (or do not want to) pack lightly, rooftop luggage baskets are ideal for moving your luggage to the top of your car, freeing interior space. These baskets are designed for serious off-roading, so you will be able to drive with your mind at ease.

Hitch Stowage Compartments 

Lastly, hitch stowage compartments function similarly to rooftop luggage baskets, though they are hitched to the back of your car instead of the top. Increase cargo space and legroom with these compartments, which can hold up to 150 pounds of luggage.

These handy accessories are safe, reliable, and affordable, greatly increasing the versatility of your vehicle. For more information on any of these parts and how to get them, or to see what other parts we have available, contact us or visit us anytime at Berger Chevrolet.

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