Best Tips for Car Tire Maintenance


Tires are a crucial aspect of our vehicles, but when it comes to getting your vehicle serviced, more often than, not you’re thinking of what’s under the hood of your car rather than on the wheels. However, car tire maintenance is important for safety, for better fuel economy, and for preventing damage to a vehicle so that it lasts longer.


First of all, you know how any time you go to get your oil changed, the technician asks if you want to rotate your tires? You really should. Tires need to be rotated every 5,000-7,000 miles so your tires wear evenly. Signs of uneven wear include a wobbling vehicle and tires that lack friction on one side of your car.


You should also be maintaining tire pressure, especially in the winter. You can check the owner’s manual for what pressure your tires should be kept at. Maintaining this helps you achieve better fuel economy and allows your tires to last longer. How long, you ask? At most, tires can last up to 10 years, though you should start checking tread depth after 5.


Of course, you should be checking the tread depth of your tires anyway. This can alert you to when your tires need to be replaced, if they need to be filled, if they should be rotated, or if they’re good to go. The more tread a tire has, the more grip your car has on the road.


Car tire maintenance is important to personal safety. Tires keep your vehicle going, contributing to the health of a vehicle in many ways. Find tires today at Berger Chevy, and make sure to check out our tire specials!

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