Service Your Tire Pressure Monitoring System this March at a Discount

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Many vehicles come equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) which conveniently allows you to keep an eye on your tire pressure without having to manually check it. It will let you know—often with a warning light on your dashboard—if one of your tires is reading as under-inflated. This should not be taken lightly, as an under-inflated tire can cause unsafe driving conditions and make you have less control over your vehicle. An under-inflated tire has wide-ranging effects on your driving, affecting steering and handling, fuel efficiency, braking, and suspension. It can also negatively impact your tires, causing premature or uneven wear.

Each Tire Pressure Monitoring System functions with small sensors on each wheel/tire. The sensor has an internal battery, which lasts approximately 10 years on newer makes and models and 5 to 6 years on older makes and models. As a result, you may need to replace your TPMS to keep the system functioning and alerting you when a tire is under-inflated. Many vehicles will alert you when you need to service your TPMS, and it is important that you bring your vehicle for service.

Because you can’t just replace the battery (it is also embedded in the sensor itself) you will have to replace the whole Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which includes the battery, pressure sensor, transmitter, and tire fill valve.

Luckily, this March at Berger Chevrolet, you can replace your TPMS at a discount, as we will be offering a $10 rebate. So if you need a new Tire Pressure Monitoring System, make sure to head over to the dealership this March, and grab a coffee on the way with the $10 you saved.

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