Advantages of an SUV | Grand Rapids, MI

Advantages of an SUV | Grand Rapids. MI 

There are lots of legitimate reasons to buy a SUV over other types of vehicles. Here are five advantages of an SUV that you can’t get with anything else.

1.       Safety: SUVs can fit a slew of safety features inside compared to small cars, and the higher cabin helps divert the force from collisions away from you.

2.       Towing power: Smaller cars do have towing abilities, but they are limited. If you tow frequently, get an SUV that can handle it. Most larger models should be able to handle around 5,000 pounds, or more.

3.       Off road abilities: If you love outdoor adventures that take you off road, you need an SUV. They are made for it with higher ground clearance, beefier suspensions, and larger tires to make it much easier and safer go off road.  

4.       Cargo space: A secluded trunk in a sedan will never match the cargo versatility of a big SUV. With the ability to fold down seats for an open and large cargo area, SUVs can fit anything from work equipment to adventure gear.

5.       Car pool: Many SUVs are available with three rows of seats and some can even fit up to nine passengers.

SUVs are popular for their versatility and roomy interiors for a reason. If you’d like to take a look at SUVs and their vast capabilities, visit us at Berger Chevy and we’ll be glad to show you some.

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