Buy vs. Lease: Chevy Financing in Grand Rapids, MI


If you're not sure whether buying or leasing a new car is the best course of action for your unique situation, then come on down to our Chevy dealership in Grand Rapids, MI, for a thorough breakdown. Our Chevrolet financing experts will be happy to walk you through the pros and cons of both financing and leasing a car, and they'll take the time to learn more about your circumstances to give you accurate advice. Whether you'd like to buy a new Chevy sedan or lease a new Chevy truck, you'll find that the team at Berger Chevrolet makes getting the keys as easy as possible.

When you finance a new Chevrolet, you're paying towards complete ownership of the vehicle. As a result, your down payment and monthly payments will be higher, but you have more freedom to travel and customize your car. You also won't have to pay excess wear and use charges, and you don't have any mileage restrictions to worry about. If you're the type of driver who wants a new model every few years, then leasing a new Chevy may be the right move for you. Once the terms of your lease end, you can choose to either buy the car, extend the lease or lease a new Chevy model. You'll have lower payments over time, but you could be responsible for added charges and you must keep up with factory-recommended maintenance.

Contact the Berger Chevrolet finance team for more information on the differences between buying and leasing. Browse our selection of new Chevy cars, trucks and SUVs now to find your favorite, then talk to our staff about all of your available financing options!




You're paying to own the car, and the title of the car is in your name.

You're only paying for the use of the vehicle, and can move on once your lease term end.

Down Payment

Normally comes with a higher down payment.

Smaller down payment, which means less money upfront.

Monthly Payments

Higher monthly payments, but it's yours to customize as you please.

Smaller monthly payments, but you don't have the option to customize the vehicle.

Mileage Limits

There's no limit on where and how far you can drive.

Your lease terms will dictate mileage limits, which could result in excess fees.


You're responsible for all upkeep of your vehicle, as it's yours to own as long as you'd like.

You're required to service the vehicle according to GM's recommendations. You may also be subject to excess wear and use charges.

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