Edmunds MyAppraise Trade-In


What's My Trade Worth

Edmunds appraisal tool gives you the most accurate price for your current vehicle. Find what your car is worth by completing the Edmunds appraisal tool. In four easy steps, we'll provide you with your Edmunds True Market Value of your car. First, enter your vehicle's information, such as year, make, and model. Second, give us some details about your vehicle, including color and additional equipment. Next, let us know the condition and mileage of your vehicle. Last, tell us what you're interested in! Simple as that. With Berger Chevrolet, it's easy to find the true value of your trade. There are several benefits of trading in your vehicle at Berger Chevrolet. Whether you're looking to trade or sell, we'd love to give you a trade in offer that you simply can't resist. 

If you're interested in trading your vehicle in at Berger Chevrolet, determining your vehicle's trade in value is a great first step. After completing the appraisal, you can follow up with our auto-loan pre-approval process. At Berger Chevrolet, we guarantee credit approval