Beat Pothole Season with Berger Chevrolet

Pothole Season is Here - Are Your Tires Ready?

New Tires:

Berger Chevrolet is ready to price match the competition. With Berger's Hassle Free Tire Price Match Guarantee, you're sure to get the best tires at the best price! Learn more >

Perfect Tire Pressure:

Over or under inflated tires can cause some serious problems when encountering potholes. Be sure to maintain the perfect pressure in your tires. We can help >

New Brakes:

Sometimes those potholes appear out of nowhere! That's why it's important to keep your brakes in check! We're offering some incredible brake deals this month, so be sure to check them out >

Slow Down:

If you see a pothole approaching, it is best to slow down then release your brakes right before hitting the pothole. This will help reduce and better absorb the impact. 

Align Wheels:

Potholes can damage your vehicle's alignment making your vehicle pull one way or the other. Getting your wheels aligned allows for better control of your vehicle when encountering potholes. Check out this video to see just how easy it is to align your wheels >

Be Cautious:

We all know potholes are an inevitable part of our drive to work, so be extra cautious. Avoid puddles or cracks in the road, and keep a firm grip on your steering wheel at all times.

Wheel &Tire Coverage:

Protect your tires against road hazards - including potholes, nails, glass, metal and debris! With 24-hour road side assistance, Berger Chevrolet's Comprehensive Tire & Wheel Protection Coverage guarantees helps with any tire related road hazards. Our experience Finance Department can help you out with any Wheel & Tire Protection Coveragequestions > 

We hope these tips have helped prepare you for Pothole Season! As always, be sure to check out our Service Coupons before coming to our Service Department. And remember, be cautious around potholes!

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