refillable water bottle and water fountain


Here at Berger, we are proud to have been awarded Green Dealer 5 years in a row! What does it mean to be a Green Dealer you ask? Keep reading and we'll tell you! This award is given to only 250 dealerships out of 700 General Motors Dealerships nationwide and Berger has been one of them since 2017!

 To be a Green Dealer means to be an environmentally sustainable dealership. Some things we focus on in our dealership include waste management, water conservation, recycling, and energy efficiency! One of our most recent "Green Initiatives" was the installation of 6 water bottle refill stations throughout different parts of our dealership. Along with this, we've encouraged staff members to bring reusable water to work to cut down on plastic waste. In fact, we give each employee a reusable water bottle of their own upon hire to encourage the use of these fountains. To this day, we've been able to divert over 50,000 plastic water bottles from our landfills.

Another thing we are big on here at Berger is recycling. From paper to plastic, to cardboard - we have in-house recycling units that help us remain sustainable with our recyclable waste. Another item we are big on is recycling tires. Yes, you read correctly, tires! It's no secret that tires take up a great deal of space. That's why we work hard to make sure they don't end up in landfills! With the help of J and C Tires, we are able to recycle all of our old tire scraps to create products such as rubber asphalt or playground turf. 

At Berger, We are proud to hold the "Green Dealer" title! By continuously making greener choices, we're able to express our gratitude and help make a better future for our planet! 




We're not only environmentally conscious within our dealership, but also within our community!

Another reason we are recognized as a Green Dealer is by our environmental efforts within our community. Supporting Organizations that promote sustainability, health, and the environment is one way we help contribute to the cause. One example of this is South East Market. With our Berger Gives Back Campaign, we are able to give local businesses a voice and an outlet to share their story. South East Market works hard to not only educate the community about food sustainability but also provide environmentally/health-conscious solutions to an area with food insecurity. By partnering with Fox17, Berger was able to highlight their work on local television.

Beyond this, members of our team have also volunteered at our local community garden and at Grand Rapids' Millennium Park. Community gardens can help lower negative environmental impacts and promote sustainable agriculture and food supply. Humanity is not the only species that benefits from a community garden, animals and of course plants do as well! Improving the ecology in the area provides more habitats for different species to flourish. Community gardens also help strengthen communities through learning. 

Most community gardens offer learning/volunteer experiences for both children and adults, furthering the positive environmental impact for years to come! There really is no downside to community gardens, and that's why we work hard to do our part!

three girls cleaning up litter

Volunteering with the Kent County Parks at Millennium Park was a great experience for our team. We learned about the dangers that waste and litter pose to natural habitats. Not only did we have the chance to clean up the park, but learned more about invasive species in the park and how we can do our part to protect native wildlife.  


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