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What You Need to Know

Looking for windshield wiper replacements in the Grand Rapids area? 

Berger has the right GM OEM parts to get the job done!

Replacing Wiper Blades

When to Replace Your Wiper Blades

A good rule of thumb is to replace your blades every six to twelve months. As wiper blades age, the rubber on them deteriorates. This can cause streaks, smears, and decreased visibility. Grand Rapids and West Michigan weather in general can be quite unpredictable. You don’t want bad wiper blades in the middle of a downpour! 

Signs you should replace your wipers:

1. Blades are bent/damaged and leave streaks 

2. Squeaking noises during use

3. Chatter caused by extreme temperatures

4. Aging and advanced wear

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How to Take Better Care of Your Wiper Arms

Living in Michigan and the Grand Rapids area, we whether a lot of snow and freezing temperatures. A windshield cover will go a long way by pulling your wipers up and away from the windshield overnight. P.S. It also saves your time defrosting in the morning!

If you do have to defrost your windshield, use an ice scraper! It helps remove winter road salt from your wiper arms and blades and helps to prevent corrosion. 

Make sure to keep your windshield wiper fluid full so that you can effectively clean off your windshield and clean off your wiper blades. 


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