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Mom of three, grandma of two, life-long Prince fan, and… drag racer at heart? That’s Dana Heideman!

Dana is our “behind the scenes” superstar, she’ll connect you with your five-star Sales Consultants and answer all your vehicle inquiries as our Business Development Center Team Lead. Dana has been a member of our team for just over a year – all thanks to our Used Car Sales Manager, D.J. Selby for regularly encouraging her to come work for us.

Dana is familiar with the dealership lifestyle as she’s been in the automotive industry for nearly ten years. At Berger, she loves the team dynamics within the company culture. From sales, to service, to parts and collision, we are all equal moving parts. When one succeeds, we all succeed. This dynamic is what Dana believes to be the key to Berger’s 97 years of success. She likes to say that Berger is a “well-oiled machine”, and she emphasized how grateful she is to be a part of our dealership.

Dana is not just a hard worker, but also a friendly face, who is sure to light up any room she enters in our dealership! In her life, she describes her biggest motivator as the desire to “lead by example”. She wants to do her best at everything she does and be a role model for her 3 children, 2 grandsons, and her daughter-in-law. This desire comes from her role-model, her grandmother, who played a huge piece in raising her to become the woman she is today. Beyond holding many fond memories with her, such as camping and spending time outdoors, her grandmother was her greatest supporter. Now, that has become her goal with her own children.

When interviewing Dana for her employee spotlight, we were able to learn about so many wonderful qualities she holds. One thing that surprised us was her love for drag racing! From 2002-2006, Dana was one of very few women drag racers over at 131 Motorsports Park in Martin, MI. She started off in a 2000 Chrysler Intrepid, then onto a Dakota, and finished her journey in a Jeep Grand Cherokee (which earned her runner up in the Funny Car Nationals of that year)! Dana loved the thrill and the rush drag racing brought her. That’s what we call a fun (and very exciting) fact!

Another fun fact about Dana is her lifelong fandom of the esteemed singer/songwriter Prince. When asked if she could go to dinner with one famous person (dead or alive), she chose Prince without a second thought. From secretly hanging his poster behind her door as a teenager, to seeing him live in concert, Dana is without a doubt a devoted Prince fan.

Dana is an important piece of our dealership and has been incredibly impactful since she joined the Berger team. Her positive spirit and friendly nature make her a friend to anyone who crosses her path. Thank you for all you do, Dana!

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