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Fall in Michigan brings colder weather, shorter days, and deer season. This is the time of year when deer are abundant in West Michigan and there is no shortage of deer-related accidents on the road. While we can’t always avoid a collision with a deer, we can prepare for one. We here at Berger have put together some tips for driving during deer season. 


Tips to avoid a deer crash:


  1. Stay aware and alert while driving, especially at dawn and dusk. Deer aren’t immune to the highway so stay vigilant while merging onto US 131.
  2. Deer are herd animals and tend to travel in single file. If you see one cross the road, be vigilant for more.
  3. If you see a deer on the road, slow down, flash your high-beams and honk your horn to deter the deer. 


If a deer crash is unavoidable:


  1. Don’t swerve. Brake firmly while holding onto the steering wheel until your vehicle comes to a complete stop.
  2. After the collision, pull off the road, turn on your emergency flashers, and be cautious of traffic if you get out of your vehicle.
  3. Report the crash to the nearest police agency and to your insurance company. 


So remember, stay alert while driving, and don’t swerve to miss a deer. Avoiding an accident with a deer during season can be tough, but getting your vehicle repaired doesn’t have to be.


Berger’s Collision Center is here for all of your repair needs this deer season. Here at Berger, we can repair any make or model, work with any insurance, and even offer a loaner car option while your vehicle gets repaired. 


While the deer on the road might be unpredictable, you can drive knowing that the Berger Collision Center has you covered. Drive safe West Michigan!

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