November 28th, 2022 by

The Prep Department is no walk in the park, but Hailey sure does make it look easy! Since joining the Berger Team a few years ago, Hailey has remained a key player who is always looking for ways to grow.

She began working at Berger in the Dealership Parts Department then transferred over to the Warehouse Parts Department. As she continues to expand her skills and knowledge of the Automotive Industry, she decided it was time to make a change and transfer to the Prep Department to begin her next career step as Vehicle Detailer.

In her role, Hailey completes interior and exterior details on both brand-new vehicles that get delivered to Berger and on vehicles that get traded in from customers. Both new and used vehicles that are cleaned by Hailey will be sold on our lot to our customers. She really enjoys the work that she does. Whether it be washing the interior, exterior, or even the engine of a vehicle, Hailey doesn’t shy away from the hardest or dirtiest of jobs. On average, she details eight vehicles per day! Her favorite vehicle to detail is the Chevy Equinox because they typically aren’t very dirty and they are a more compact vehicle.

When asked what potential employees could expect to experience when applying to work in the Prep Department, Hailey said, “It’s an easygoing and fun work environment”. In fact, that is part of the reason she enjoys working at Berger. She loves the people. Her co-workers feel like a second family to her. So much so that she often refers to two of her colleagues as “Mom” and “Dad”.  But they aren’t the only team members she wanted to give a shout-out to! John Stull is always there to help keep her on her toes. She really enjoys the entertaining and goofy environment that they all provide to the Prep Department and she is happy that she still gets to see and interact with her other co-workers from the Parts Department like Jim, RJ, and Connor. “They just make work fun”, said Hailey.

Hailey keeps herself busy both at work and in her free time! She would consider herself a social butterfly. When she’s not making our vehicles look shiny and new, she can be found hanging out with friends, attending concerts, shopping, or chasing around her two cats, Zoe and Zeke.

Please join us in congratulating Hailey as our December Employee Spotlight! We are so thankful to have you on our team!