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A local student teamed up with Berger to learn about electric vehicles

It all started with a letter on the desk of Brian Isch, a Sales Consultant at Berger Chevrolet. Our new friend Colin, a local 5th grader, had a school project that led him to Berger to learn about electric vehicles! What better place to seek assistance than West Michigan’s premier dealership Berger Chevrolet! After Brian read his letter, he knew he wanted to help; so, Brian invited Colin to Berger to check out some of our EV options and learn all about what goes into the newest technology inside.

With his head full of knowledge, and his heart full of excitement, Colin got to work. His presentation, titled ‘Automobiles: Freedom Behind the Wheel,’ covered the details of EVs and even included a prototype to increase the driving range of an electric car! Colin got crafty with some old toys and a battery, making a functional base for an electric vehicle, toy-sized of course! Not only did Colin include a prototype in his presentation, but also a ‘Mentor’ section on his poster board featuring none other than Berger’s very own, Brian Isch.

Recently, Colin followed up after his presentation at school; “I didn’t forget you after what you did for me, and I still can’t thank you enough.” We are so happy to be able to have helped grow the minds of the next generation, especially one with such a bright future, maybe even in the automotive industry?

Great work Colin, and we hope to hear from you again soon!

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