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Engines house a lot of moving parts! These moving parts cause heat and friction. Oil changes help your car to maintain a proper amount of lubrication that reduces the amount of heat produced.
We’re no strangers to gas prices – regular oil changes can help lower the amount you pay at the pump! Friction in your engine can slow it down, causing bad gas mileage. By maintaining frequent oil changes, your engine will stay lubricated, and you can stay away from the pump!
Take care of your toys – by maintaining a debris-free engine, you can also maintain the life of your car! The better you take care of your car, the better and longer your car will stay on the road.
Why make two trips? Oil changes are the perfect opportunity to have a mechanic take a close look at your car. While under your hood, mechanics may find other things to address or replace, such as your air filter or cabin air filter. This preventative measure could save you money and avoid further damage on your car.
Stay “green” by simply getting your oil changed! Lapses in your oil changes can lead to old, dirty oil which produces toxic engine emissions. Changing your oil regularly is a great way to make your car more environmentally friendly.
Remember that oil is essential to keep your car running, so don’t skip your oil change! Instead, come into Berger for your next oil change!

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