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Chevrolet wants to keep you and your family safe, that’s why we pack our vehicles with safety features! Let’s break it down.

Packing our lot with Chevrolet vehicles is no mistake, the best-in-class technology offered by a Chevy is second to none. From safety features that WOW to stellar performance, it’s no secret that Chevy is the way to go.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Who doesn’t love cruise control! And guess what? It just got even better! Chevy upped the game with adaptive cruise control; a new feature that maintains a gap time from the vehicle ahead in addition to a specific speed. Approaching a traffic jam? The adaptive cruise control setting will slow you down with time to spare, and maintain a safe amount of space from those in front of you. Say “so-long” to frequent braking and accelerating while cruising the streets of West Michigan!

Rear Vision + HD Surround Vision

You might be used to a rear backup camera, but this feature changes the game. In addition to a rear vision camera, Chevrolet introduced the high-definition surround vision, offering a birds-eye view of your ride. So whether you are trying to avoid the grocery cart while parking at Meijer, or maneuvering the pick-up lane at school, you can see it all.

Lane Change, Lane Keep, Lane Departure

All the lane alerts you could dream of! Lane change alert with a side blind zone alert will help to keep you in the know to avoid lane change collisions. Both lane-keep assist and lane departure warning are great for a driver who may need an alert when unintentionally drifting out of a lane. A gentle steering wheel turn is a great way to keep drivers in check, especially while maneuvering the Grand Rapids S curves!

Safety Alert Seat

Chevrolet vehicles are so smart that even your seat can let you know what to do! Safety alerts coming from vibrations in your driver’s seat is some next-level technology designed to keep you safe. No more loud beeping noises, as long as you have got the seat vibrations letting you know where to go, or not to go!

OnStar Safety & Security

The service we all know and love, OnStar! While OnStar isn’t a new feature to Chevrolet vehicles, it is certainly a trusted and important one! Just like before, OnStar is available 24/7, ready to help you with a variety of needs like roadside assistance, stolen vehicle recovery, post-crash assistance, or any other vehicle emergencies that you may encounter while cruising the roads.

Teen Driver

Do you have a teen driver or soon-to-be? If you do, then you need the teen driver set-up offered by Chevy! From limiting the speed limit, stereo, and a buckle-to-drive safety feature, the teen driver component is a must-have to keep your family safe.
While these are just a few of the safety features offered in Chevrolet vehicles, they are most certainly important. Read up on some other unique features packed into Chevys here!

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