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National Skilled Trades Day was created as a day to honor essential workers who are skilled craftsmen and raise awareness of those who work in the trades. Across the nation, many businesses require highly skilled workers, from healthcare and construction to manufacturing and automotive. Skilled trade professionals help keep our world in motion. They service the emergency vehicles that are used when a crisis strikes, they help move people and goods from Grand Rapids to the coast and everywhere in between, and they ensure that buildings, homes, and vehicles are sturdy and sound. 

National Skilled Trades Day also aims to raise awareness about the benefit and value of skilled trades jobs in the United States. Over the last few decades, society has encouraged attending colleges or universities after graduating from high school, leading to debt, work shortages, and a skilled trades deficit in the United States. On the other hand, trades jobs often only require certifications that can often be obtained within the workplace. 

It’s rewarding to put in an honest day’s work, and in the skilled trades, you can have a career that offers excellent pay, healthcare, benefits, and more! Whether you’re working in the HVAC industry or cutting hair, skilled trade occupations are careers that are not easily replaced by machines or outsourced, and they are in higher demand than ever before. 

At Berger, we are grateful every day for our skilled technicians, and during Skilled Trades Day especially, we recognize all of the talents they bring to the Berger Team! From technicians and painters to detailers and maintenance workers, we have over 100 employees in skilled trades positions who have all been through extensive and ongoing training to provide outstanding service to our customers and help them get safely back on the road. Whether it’s a wheel repair or an oil change, a new paint job, or a major collision repair, our Berger techs can do it all. We couldn’t do what we do without their hard work and dedication!

Thank you to the skilled trades sector in the West Michigan Community and beyond. So, on Skilled Trades Day, we celebrate those who help us keep living our lives the way we do. Happy Skilled Trades Day and thank you for all you do!

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