Steve Vander Linde Employee Spotlight

September 28th, 2022 by

Steve Vander Linde was on the hunt for a new job with the potential for growth when he joined the Berger Family as a Sales Consultant in April 2019. Through the years, he has come to enjoy the people that he works with, the fact that every day is different and presents new challenges, as well as the smiles/laughs that those challenges present.

When asked about people that he enjoys working with, Steve couldn’t say enough. He looks forward to workdays with Noah Arnoys, who keeps Steve laughing and on his toes through a little friendly competition. Steve also took it upon himself to give an “obligatory boss shoutout” to Nick Butler and DJ Selby. Nick took Steve under his wing when he was new to the car sales business. DJ continues to teach him new things, all while pushing him to achieve more!

It’s not just the Sales Department that Steve enjoys working with. He said that there are plenty of people he enjoys working with across all departments. A few that came to mind right away were Kris Hurt in Service, Kaidyn in Rental, and Kendall in Parts!

One of the most memorable sales that Steve ever had was his second sale. It was a Black Cherry Traverse with very few miles on it. He remembers the people buying it being very fun to work with and he learned a lot during that sale. It was when he truly saw the potential of the job as being attainable.

Advice that Steve would give to future sales consultants is to always look for the best in people.

Please join us in congratulating Steve Vander Linde, our Employee Spotlight! We are so thankful to have you on our team and look forward to selling many more Chevys with you for years to come.

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