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While it’s easy to just say, “accidents happen”, some accidents are far more severe than others. If your vehicle has been in a bad collision, there is a chance that it could be totaled. At Berger Collision Center, one of our Estimators will work with your insurance company, determine the cost of the damage, and let you know if your vehicle is totaled. Curious as to what defines a totaled vehicle? We came up with some key factors in determining what it means for your vehicle to be “totaled.”

By definition, a vehicle is typically totaled when the cost of the repair costs more than the market value of the vehicle before the accident. Several factors go into determining your vehicles value such as the age of the vehicle, mileage, and resale value. A Berger Estimator will help determine if your vehicle is totaled.

As you may already know, Berger Collision Center works with any insurance company. No matter what insurance company you have, we’ll get with them to verify if your vehicle is a “total loss.” The amount of coverage you have will also come into play when deciding if the vehicle is totaled.

There are certain items in vehicles that are more costly to repair such as the air bags. If your air bags are deployed in an accident, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the vehicle is totaled; however, if the cost of replacing them along with the other necessary repairs is more than the value of the car, your vehicle will be totaled.

In scenarios where the accident may not be your fault, depending on your coverage, your insurance company will pay you the value of your vehicle. It is similar if you are leasing a vehicle, the insurance company would most likely pay off the lease.

If you think your vehicle could be totaled or even if you have minor damages to your vehicle, we’re here to help! Bring your vehicle to the experts at Berger Collision Center – we’ll help make sense of a “total”ly awful scenario.

What’s Next?

So, your vehicle is totaled, now what? It’s your lucky day because at Berger, we have so many amazing vehicles to choose from on our lot. Shop new or certified pre-owned vehicles to fit your lifestyle and budget. You can even shop online here!

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