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We know vehicle recalls can be stressful and scary, that’s why Berger is here to help!

Follow along to learn more about safety recalls and best practices for handling a recall. 

What is a vehicle recall? When your vehicle, equipment, car seat, etc. is subject to a recall, a safety defect has been identified that affects you. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) monitors each recall to ensure that owners receive safe, free, and effective remedies from manufacturers per Federal regulations and the Safety Act.

How do I find out if there is a recall? Vehicle manufacturers will notify whomever the vehicle is registered to when there is a safety recall. If you miss a safety recall or want to make sure that your vehicle does not have a recall simply check out the NHTSA website. All you need is your VIN to look up any recalls your vehicle may have. The NHTSA VIN search tool will show you an unrepaired vehicle affected by a vehicle safety recall in the past 15 calendar years!

What to do if my vehicle is recalled? If there is a recall on your vehicle, follow any interim safety guidance provided by General Motors and then notify Berger Chevrolet to schedule an appointment. We will fix the recalled part or portion of your vehicle for FREE! Making sure that your vehicle keeps you safe is our top priority. Berger will work with you to schedule your recall service and get you back out safely on the road. 

Whether it’s a snowy winter in Grand Rapids or a beautiful day on Lake Michigan in the summer, it is always important to pay attention and act quickly on your recall appointment. Drive safe and remember to keep an eye out for any recalls from your manufacturer! 

Click here to check for recalls on your vehicle. 


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