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Chevrolet to Unveil the Silverado EV in the Fall of 2023

You read that right… The first-ever all-electric Chevrolet truck will be hitting the road in no time. As the front-runner in established automotive brands to release an electric truck, all eyes are set on Chevrolet and what will be featured in the Silverado EV. Want to know what we can expect from this boundary-pushing Silverado? Buckle up! We are bringing some incredible new features to the Grand Rapids EV truck market!

400 Mile Range on Full Charge
If you are familiar with electric vehicles, then you know this is some serious power. The average electric vehicle on the market today has a mile range of around 250 miles, so offering a vehicle with a 400-mile range is ground-breaking in the electric vehicle market!

660 Horsepower
The traditional pickup truck offers about 350 horsepower, so nearly doubling the available horsepower is seriously note-worthy. Electric vehicles may have a reputation for not being as powerful, but the Silverado EV is ready to change that.

Haul More than Ever Before
With both the multi-flex tailgate and mid-gate, you can fit more than ever before in your All-Electric Silverado. With over 10ft available for whatever it is you need to move, there is no shortage of space with the Silverado EV.

History-Making Storage
Since the Chevrolet brand was founded in 1911, there is little that they have not experimented with as far as new features in vehicles, that all changes now. The Silverado EV is the first-ever pickup truck in Chevrolet history to boast a trunk, let alone a trunk under the hood of the truck.

Love Sunroofs? You’re in for a Treat
Yet another new feature to make this All-Electric Silverado irresistible: the panoramic fixed-glass cabin roof with UV filtering. The Silverado EV allows you to keep it bright and airy while also staying safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Record-Breaking Tech
Not only is the Silverado EV one of the first of its kind, but it has the tech to back it up. Equipped with a 17-inch driver-focused infotainment center, the All-Electric Silverado is packed with ground-breaking features ready to help you find new roads all around West Michigan.

If you can’t tell, we could not be more excited about the release of the Silverado EV in the Fall of 2023! For more information about the unique features packed into the All-Electric Silverado, learn more about what is to come here! Already sold? Pre-order your Silverado EV to be one of the first to have this ground-breaking truck!

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