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Michigan winters are no joke, and seasoned Michiganders can attest to the true tundra of West Michigan. With the first snowstorm under our belts, winter is well underway in Grand Rapids, and that’s why it is important to assess if your vehicle is capable of weathering the winter storms. It can be argued that no vehicle is more prepared for a West Michigan winter than a Chevy truck. Here are some reasons you should consider purchasing a Chevrolet Silverado or Colorado this winter.


Built For The Snow

Grand Rapids is no stranger to snow and when the snow falls you need a vehicle you can rely on. With its heavy-duty weight, a Chevy truck allows for more traction on ice or snow, making slipping and siding less likely. In addition to its weight, a truck’s height also allows for easier visibility and higher performance. The higher a truck’s clearance, the easier it is to take on the snow because the underside of the truck won’t experience the drag caused by heavy snow on the road. Larger tires also allow for smoother travel, making a Chevy truck built for the winter.


4WD and AWD

Trucks equipped with 4WD and AWD make maneuvering in the winter a breeze in comparison to the typical drive types of RWD or 2WD. The Chevy Colorado, already built to take on a variety of terrains, offers AWD which allows the truck to send power to all four wheels or just one depending on the slippage it detects. It also offers safety features like Stabilitrak Traction Control, which helps keep your truck on a straight path when traction is lost. 4WD and AWD can help you feel at ease when traveling on the highway through the unpredictable winter.


The Winter Won’t Slow You Down

While winter brings the holidays and time for family and friends, it’s also one of the busiest times of the year! You can’t always afford to let the snow slow you down, and with a Chevy truck you don’t have to fear the cold. Need to tow in the snow? The Chevy Silverado has you covered with proven technologies like Trailer Sway Control, Hill Start Assist, and Auto Grade Braking. Plus the Silverado HD Durabed offers more cargo volume than any HD competitor, making it the most functional bed in its class. So whether you’re carrying lumber or your Christmas tree, Chevy’s got you covered.


Comfort in the Cold

All of a truck’s winter perks aren’t strictly exterior features. With the Silverado High Country, it’s all about the interior, too. Just because you want a heavy-duty vehicle that will keep you safe during the winter, doesn’t mean you have to pass up on luxury and looks. The Silverado High Country has the best of both worlds with its overhauled interior featuring a 13.4-inch diagonal infotainment touch-screen. While the storm is blowing outside, you’ll be nice and cozy in the cabin of your Chevrolet truck this winter!

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