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Winter in West Michigan is no joke. Slippery and icy roads can be scary and while accidents are unfortunate events, they are inevitable ones. That’s why we’ve developed these winter weather driving tips!

Tip 1: Plan your route. Check your local forecast and traffic reports before heading out. If the roads are not in good shape, consider postponing non-essential travel. If you do have to go out, make sure you are prepared and have plenty of fuel! 

Tip 2: Stock up your vehicle with emergency supplies for the winter. If you get stuck in the snow or your battery dies, you don’t want to be without the essentials! Some supplies you might need include a snow shovel, ice scraper, sand/kitty litter, jumper cables, flashlight, blankets, a cell phone charger, food, and water. 

Tip 3: Slow down. As we’ve all experienced driving on the Grand Rapids S-Curve in the winter, it is harder to control or stop your vehicle on ice and snow. Increase your following distance so that you’ll have more time to stop as needed to avoid hitting vehicles in front of you. Be mindful of snow plows. They travel slowly, stop often, and exit the road frequently. 

Staying safe behind the wheel in winter conditions is tough, but getting your vehicle repaired after an accident doesn’t have to be. 

Berger’s Collision Center is here to help with all of your repair needs this winter. Our Certified Collision Technicians can repair any make and model, will work with any insurance provider, and even offer a loaner vehicle option while yours gets repaired. 

So remember, you can’t predict an accident, but you can prepare for one with Berger’s Collision Center by your side. Drive safe, West Michigan!

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